Why choose Dec Hospitality?

Our vast experience in design and production of high-quality furniture allows us to guarantee total satisfaction in the manufacture of your furniture, while our high-tech machinery, expert knowledge in

manufacturing, furniture engineering and excellent service ensure you the high durability and resistance of our products.

It will be an honor for us to be part of the furniture project of your hotel or restaurant.

Project proposal

Our sales and project team work together with each client to understand their specific needs. Dec Hospitality assigns a project leader to each project, who acts as a link between the client and the factory, and will always be on hand to solve any doubt or need that the client may have.

Meetings will be held to know in detail the needs and scope of the project with the client, in order to determine which is the best manufacturing solution, taking into account budget, schedule and unique requirements.

Once we have reached an agreement with the client on the best approach to meet their requirements within their budget and time, we move on to the planning and design phase.

Project planning and design

During this stage, the product design department develops the workshop plans to be authorized by the client, prior to manufacturing physical samples or final product.

We will be in constant contact with the client's design team to

streamline this process and guarantee results. The design specification usually comes from the client's architecture or interior design office. On these initial specifications, our furniture design and development team offers suggestions and adjustments as needed, to improve or ensure the stability / durability of the product, ergonomics and mass production, while respecting the essence of the original design as much as possible.

We often offer suggestions on equivalent materials that may be of local origin and may reduce costs and project delivery time. If the client does not have specifications or designs of the furniture required, and wants a proposal from scratch, Dec Hospitality can develop and propose furniture according to the required needs.


Delivery of Samples

With the prior approval of the workshop plans and finish samples, the prototypes are developed in the factory.During different stages of the manufacturing of the samples, the engineering and production team of Dec Hospitality performs various

physical tests and recommendations to test and improve the product, which sometimes results in modifying a part of the furniture or the design in order to improve resistance, ergonomics or costs. In any case, the client is notified about possible changes and approval is requested.

The finished samples pass to a stage of review and tests with the client in coordination with our team. Any annotation, change or modification is transferred to the final workshop plans, either to manufacture a final sample if necessary or to have the approval required for serial production.


Throughout the manufacturing process, Dec Hospitality's production and quality team oversee manufacturing to ensure specifications, materials and quality.

The assigned project leader will be in constant communication with the client to provide production status and coordinate the logistics of materials supplied by the client (textiles, hardware), if applicable.

Throughout the manufacturing process, Dec Hospitality's production and quality team oversee manufacturing

 Logistics and delivery

Our logistics department works closely with the factory and with the client to coordinate the delivery of the order, ensuring that all items are delivered as scheduled. We always seek to respect the delivery times and matrices that the client previously provides.

In this stage we will be in extensive communication with the residents or on-site staff assigned by the client. Our logistics team also guarantees the correct installation on site, in case we have been hired to do so.

The instructions and requirements that are required to start this process are previously provided to the client to ensure an accurate and smooth process. Dec Hospitality ensures that the technical assistance team is on site in a timely manner according to the client's instructions.

In case the client or project requires it (export), the delivery of the furniture can be coordinated directly in the factory (Mérida, México.). In this cases, our logistics department will coordinate the loading of trucks or containers, the correct packaging/labeling and the dispatch of documents necessary for freight or export. We can also deliver and install outside of Mexico (white glove service), for special projects.

Unload and Installation

Installation instructions and templates will be provided to the customer's installation team to ensure accurate and trouble-free installation.

If the customer has specified that Dec Hospitality will provide installation assistance, our technical support team will scheduele our technicians to be on site in a timely manner according to the customer's instructions.

Post installation service

Post installation service

In the final stage of the on-site delivery or installation, Dec Hospitality sends a crew of personnel for fine-tuning and solving of any issue derived from installation, which is our responsibility. * The service applies when the delivery and installation is contracted by Dec Hospitality.

Dec Hospitality provides the client's operation team with a list of recommendations and maintenance / cleaning manual for the products delivered. Product verification tours will be carried out in coordination with the client, and if there is a point to be resolved, it is corrected.