Why choose Dec Hospitality?

Our vast experience in design and production of high-quality furniture allows us to guarantee total satisfaction in the manufacture of your furniture, while our high-tech machinery, expert knowledge in manufacturing, furniture engineering and excellent service ensure you the high durability and resistance of our products.

It will be an honor for us to be part of the furniture project of your hotel or restaurant.

We guarantee


Strong and resistant mortise and tenon joints.

Millimeter calibration and perfect adjustments.

Automated cuts for uniformity from piece 1 to 1000.


Peace of mind for your main activity

The integral service that we provide allows us the successful conclusion of each project carried out. We turn needs into successful solutions for your business.

We make your project, our project

In Dec hospitality we are committed to the client's objectives, we always propose tailor-made solutions, seeking total satisfaction, honoring trust with the facts.

Committed to total satisfaction

Furniture manufactured according to your design and specifications,
with access to a wide variety of materials, in order to produce any type of wooden or upholstered furniture.

We are able to fulfill any desire

Product development services that include sketches, renders,manufacturing plans, material specifications and development of finishes and samples are possible with us

The best option when it comes to reducing prices

Product re-engineering focused on reducing costs. Vertical development of the supply chain, which gives us direct access to suppliers around the world with materials at competitive prices.

Custom design / personalized service

We assign a project manager to each order, who comprehensively coordinates the quality specifications, the logistics planning, the presentation of samples and the delivery and installation of the pieces.

In Time Deliveries

Our logistics team ensures the delivery of your order in a timely manner, we have a network of multimodal transport providers to ensure successful deliveries anywhere in the world.

Variety and quality

We have access to the best materials from around the world: wood, veneers, varnishes, stones, etc. Depending on each project, we will propose the combination that best suits your needs


We have state-of-the-art machinery, mainly of Italian origin, which allows us to ensure:

  • Strong and resistant mortise and tenon joints.
  • Millimeter calibration and perfect adjustments.
  • Automated cuts for uniformity from piece 1 to 1000
  • High efficiency in times and costs.

Gleaner and Escolator

This machinery stands out for its precision and high productivity, it can reach a production of 30 to 170 pieces per minute. It has the ability to manipulate pieces with varying widths and weights.

It works with a wide variety of materials and joints, its great versatility allows it to perform a wide variety of jobs: spiking, profiling, shaving, sanding, bevelling, squares, moldings and more, thanks to the use of HSK technology.

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Automatic cutting-off machine

Increases the cutting speed and pressure of the pieces, while selecting only the best of wood thanks to its digital sensors and readers.

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This machine allows us to elaborate with digital precision organic forms and variable angles of cut and perforation that improves the performance of resistance of complicated pieces at the forefront of the highest technology in the sector.

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